Maintenance Services

Maintenance and Operational Services

Solaretz propose all inclusive maintenance solutions for all size of power plants, including remote pv system monitoring, failures detection and repairs, panel cleansing up to 8 times a year and trimestrial reports on monitoring data.

Solaretz provides its customers with inclusive maintenance and operational services including:
Ongoing Maintenance
  • Observing system performance through the monitoring system.
  • Identifying trends and problems from afar and identifying their sources.
  • Notifying the consumer regarding problems that require the arrival of a technician to the site.
  • Assisting the consumer with problems that do not require technical assistance.
  • Professional cleaning services for the system and panels utilizing specialized equipment and water, which are specifically geared towards extending the life of the panel.
  • System performance analysis and the establishment of a cleaning schedule to suit the consumer's needs and preferences.
  • Comparative system performance analysis, as well as monitoring and trend analysis based on the comparative analysis of all the systems maintained by Solaretz.
Yearly Care Including:
  • A general inspection by an electrical engineer.
  • Reinforcing the screws on the system and on the electrical panels.
  • Inspecting the grounding system including grounding continuity and stability of grounding conductors.
  • Inspecting the connection of cables to converters.
  • Ensuring that system components are properly sealed down.
  • Inspecting frame accessories and painting.
  • Thermographic inspection of electrical panels.
  • Inspecting isolation and faulty loops in the main line.
  • Inspecting the stability of the construction.
  • An inspection by a structural engineer (once every 3 years).
  • Inspecting shadiness and growth of trees in the area.
Maintaining surveillance systems including cameras, "Akrabotim", GMAX, etc.