Solar installations

Solaretz propose turn key projects from 1MW up to 100MW worlwide. The company's engineers are among the most experienced in large scale power plants design and building in Israel. Engineering design include High voltage to Ultra High Voltage range grid connection , solar tracking system plants and extensive infrastructure planification.

Solaretz's installation services include:
  • Checking the feasibility of installing a solar power systemDesigning and selecting a suitable system for the roof while performing a computerized simulation in order to ensure that no unforeseen obstacles interfere with the system.

  • Designing the right configurationBefore each installation, Solaretz's engineers prepare a detailed and precise architectural plan, formulate sketches and designs, test and approve the compatibility of the roof with a solar power system. If the need should arise, the engineers may recommend additional structural reinforcements, will determine the placement and distribution of the various modules and other system components, and will identify potential obstacles, recommending the best ways to remove them.

  • Detailed analysis and plan including predicting system output

  • The highest standard of system installationUpon conclusion of the meticulous planning and preparation stages, Solaretz is responsible for installing and assembling the system including all equipment and electrical components. Project managers supervise all stages of the installation process from start to finish, thus ensuring a smooth and successful installation. The work and installation process is completed by Solaretz in accordance with the final submitted plans.

  • Complete mechanical and electrical installation of the system

  • Continuous inspection of the solar power systemThe inspection occurs with the help of a monitoring system, which determines whether the output produced matches the system's potential. 

  • TrainingCustomers are guided to use electricity efficiently and to conserve energy in the household.

  • ServiceIn the event of a malfunction during the warranty period, the customer service team is activated to take care of the problem and/or provide notice to the customer.